Sight Fishing

I do two different types of sight fishing. We can either go from my 17′ Dragonfly Grandslam or my 15′ Dragonfly Marsh Hen.

With my Grandslam, I can handle three people. We will pole the flats looking for tailing or pushing redfish. We will also have oppurtunities at tailing sheephead and the occasional blackdrum. During the warmer months, we can sight fish schools of jacks and bluefish. Off of the beach, we can sighting fish rolling tarpon, sharks, cobia, and schools of jacks and bonita. This boat has a draft of 7″ and an 81″ beam so it is extremely stable.


On my Marsh Hen, I can take one client. We will pole Guana Lake for tailing and pushing redfish. You will also get shots at schooling trout that will be crushing shrimp on the surface. For this boat I only use artificial lures or flies. On a slow day you will usually have 10+ shots at redfish and on a good day you might have 50-100 shots at redfish. This boat has a draft of 3″ and a slient entry so you are able to get within a few feet of these fish. There is no other boat on the market that compares to this style of flats skiff.